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Welcome to Kasamahan's Resource List

The focus is on Filipino Mental Health, Decolonization, Identity, and Wellbeing.

All articles, books, podcasts, and videos are by Filipinos and/or for Filipinos.

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Workshops (Kasamahan)

Contact Us to request from the workshop facilitator and Kasamahan to view a past workshop recording.

  • A Child Custody Case Gone Awry: Why We Need Filipino-American Mental Health Professionals - Edward Fajardo, PsyD

  • An Overview of Sikolohiyang Pilipino: Anchoring The Clinical Work Through Our Lived Experiences as Filipinx - Patricia H.A. Perez, PhD

  • Awakening Possibilities: Storytelling Centering Filipino/a/x Narratives - Alissa Catiis, LCSW, RYT

  • Co-Creating Spaces of Belonging through Kapwa - Wil Vargas, LCSW

  • Common Mental Health Struggles for Filipinx Americans - Jeana Abadejos, LMFT

  • Cultural Synergy: Integrating Adlerian Psychology in Therapy with Filipino/Filipino American Communities - Randel Jiao

  • Dreams as the Language of the Soul - Eliza Wangerin, LCPC

  • Filipino's Relationship with Money - Lolan Adan, LPC

  • Understanding the Basics of Art Therapy and Creative Expression - Fredelyn Calla, LCPC, ATR-BC

  • Undoing and Reclaiming: Philippine History, Colonization, and Overcoming Colonial Mentality to Embrace Filipino Culture and Identity - Marijo Villano, PhD

Resource Compilation Contributors


Cristina Castro

Erin Manalo-Pedro

Eliza Jade Brown - admin for this list

​jezreel cornel - may be able to support with access to articles, email at


Please email or Contact Us if you have resources: articles, books, podcasts, videos to add, if you have shared resources with Kasamahan in the past and would like to be acknowledged, if any links no longer work, any corrections need to be made, or if you would like your work removed from our website. With gratitude - Kasamahan.​​​

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